Matty James Cassidy & Band – Photographing in the Dark

I attended three Matty James Cassidy gigs this month (November 2018) in England: Counting House in Leicester, The Old Wine Vaults in Eastwood, Nottingham and Gullivers in Manchester. The light level in every venue was so low that I had to use a very long exposure time (I use film camera), so the result is very “artistic”.

When I first saw the negatives, I was very disappointed, but among about the 200 shots I finally found some decent ones.

The band: Matty James Cassidy (vocals and bass), Phil Cassidy (guitar and vocals), Bret Barnes (saxophone), Ace Carlton (drums).

Counting House, Leicester, 16 November 2018

On the first gig I photographed only drummer, as no-one else was lit! Fortunately Ace happened to switch the lights on and when he was suffering from the heat, I was just happy that I could photograph at least one member of the band.

img2Ace Leicester blog

img11Ace Leicester blog

img12Ace Counting House blog

img19Ace Leicester blog

img25Ace Leicester blog

The Old Wine Vaults, Eastwood, Nottingham, 17 November 2018

At the Old Wine Vaults there was even a nice stage. The Grade II listed building (dating from 1779) is a nice place and a good venue. But soon I realized that the light level was too low for my old school camera and Matty was not lit at all. I still tried to make some photos.

img4Matty Eastwood blog

img21Matty Eastwood Bret

img22Matty Eastwood blog

img28 Matty Eastwood blog

img45Matty Eastwood blog

img48Matty Eastwood blog

img50Matty Eastwood Phil

img55Matty Eastwood blog

img60Matty Eastwood Bret

Gullivers, Manchester, 18 November 2018

The last gig took place at Gullivers in Manchester. It looked promising, but the light level was low. But I guess I still took the best shot here.

img20Matty Gullivers blog

img21Matty Gullivers Phil

img44Matty Gullivers Bret

img61Matty Gullivers Bret

img71Matty Gullivers, Phil

Phil, Gullivers, 18 Nov 2018

img80Matty Gullivers blog

When leaving Gullivers, I said to Matty that I might haven’t got any good pictures because of the lighting conditions. Matty laughed and said that they should start playing better venues. Well, nothing wrong with the venues, but wish they had brighter lights!

But what’s most important, I enjoyed the gigs a lot!

© Katriina Etholén

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