The Kingcrows: Brute Force And Ignorance (Corvus Rex Recordings, 2019)

This CD by a Leeds based group, The Kingcrows, was given to me in mid June when I attended a gig in York. No-one asked me to write about it, review it or advertise it, and I had no idea to include it in my blog stories. But it was given me as a nice gesture, so little by little I started feeling that the least I can do is write a couple of lines about it.

I have to be grateful to John JJ Watt that this album ended up into my hands. The Kingcrows’ drummer Lee Terry alias Ratbag gave the CD to Mr Watt who decided to forward it to me because – according to him – it’s a great record. I had no idea what kind of music it would be. Somehow my first idea was that this must be some kind of hard rock group. Sorry folks! I had even difficulties to read the band’s name. The Kingscrows. Okay.

The Kingcrows album front cover

Sorry that I was so ignorant. The Kingcrows have been around since the middle of the first decade of the new Millennium and have also some other releases on their Curriculum Vitae. This second full length album Brute Force And Ignorance was released in April. The only familiar thing on the CD was the name of the photographer, Neil Vary, as I happen to know him.

It took some time after coming home when I finally let my computer swallow it and give The Kingcrows a chance to convince me of their musical ponderability. Hmm, let’s confess that I didn’t expect too much. I was sure that it wouldn’t be my music. As said, I was expecting to hear some kind of hard rock based music.

First song, ‘Psycho Radio’… hey, this is not hard rock! This is punk! How wrong I was. I liked ‘Psycho Radio’. Very dynamic start with ‘Psycho Radio’, ‘Blood Brothers’ and ‘Car Crash Cadillac’. ‘Blood Brothers’ might be my number one favourite song on the album, nice melody and catchy chorus.

There is not too much variation between the songs, except the above mentioned, bass driven ‘Car Crash Cadillac’ which reminds me of ‘Cadillac’ by The Renegades, who were almost adopted to Finland (one of my old summer job colleague even had a bit closer relationship with one of the band members… no wonder that a song from them is so familiar to me) as well as obviously of ‘Peter Gunn’….

(After writing this review I received information about this song from Lee Terry telling that ‘Car Crash Cadillac’ is in fact about Vince Taylor, who wrote a song called ‘Brand New Cadillac’. What I was saying about Finland – and being a Finn: The Renegades’ ‘Cadillac’ was a modified version of Taylor’s song! So, from Vince Taylor via The Renegades to The Kingcrows…)

When I was listening to Brute Force And Ignorance first, second and maybe even third time I found it a bit monotonous, meaning that for me it was a bit hard to find the differences between the songs. But the more I listened to it, the more the individual characters of songs started to stand out as well as melodies.

There is one band that keeps coming into my head while listening to the album, Chron Gen. This happens particularly during the song ‘One Night Only’, one of my fave ones, too.

Today, the 8th of July, I finally read the thanks list and the second last name on the list was… Chron Gen.

I have been listening to the album recently a lot while working on the photos. It’s good background music as you really don’t have to pay too much attention to the lyrics – sorry if I have missed some deep philosophy here. I don’t think so. This is a 13 track fun splash. I am sure that The Kingcrows are a great live band, too.

The Kingcrows are Phil E. Stine (vocals), Lee J (guitar, vocals), Rocco (bass, vocals) and Ratbag (drums, vocals).

© Katriina Etholén

You can find band’s website here and you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Hi Katriina, you probably already know that “Brute Force and Ignorance” is also the title of a song by Rory Gallagher, and very good it is too. It may have some earlier literary derivation.
    Phil E. Stine is a good name too. Thank you for the posting. Mark

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