Matty James Cassidy – Photos From Four Gigs in 2017

Matty James Cassidy is one of my favourite artists. I saw him live first time in March 2017. That year I managed to photograph him at four gigs, once in March and then thrice in June. I decided to publish some of the shots from these gigs.

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I had met Matty James Cassidy briefly in June 2016 during Camden Rocks Festival in London thanks to my friend Dave Renegade who took me to meet Matty before his gig. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay as my friend’s band was playing at the very same time. But I promised Matty that I would come to see him one day.

Later that year I saw a notification about a gig at Proud Camden, wrote to Dave and said, let’s go there. And that’s what happened. It was the 4th of March. It was a great night with some of my fave bands including Matty and his band, The DeRellas and The Main Grains.

Here are a couple of shots from that night:

1-2. Matty, Proud, 4 March 2017

3. Matty, Proud, 4 March 2017
The brothers, Phil and Matty.

 The June gigs

In March I didn’t know that within a couple of months I would see him on stage again. And not only once but thrice, and every one of those gigs would be totally different from each other. The first one took place at Camden Rocks Festival, a full band gig at The Good Mixer on the 3rd of June. My whole festival started by meeting Matty outside the venue, as I had bought the festival ticket at a reduced price from him and it was safer to get the ticket straight from him than let the post deliver it to me (as letters and parcels tend to vanish…).

After seeing The Idol Dead (well, experiencing as I couldn’t see a thing), The Urban Voodoo Machine and several friends I went back to The Good Mixer to see Matty and his band. It was a bit challenging to photograph the band in a tiny venue, so I am surprised that I managed to do at least something. Below are some shots from that gig:

4-5. Matty, Good Mixer, 3 June 2017

6. Matty. Good Mixer, 3 June 2017

7. Matty, Good Mixer, 3 June 2017

8. Matty, Good Mixer, 3 June 2017

I thought that my next gig would have been in Reading on the 8th of that very same month, but I was wrong: Matty would play an acoustic gig on the forthcoming Tuesday at Aces And Eights in Tufnell Park. Fortunately I had nothing planned for the night. (This was not the only time when I have got a last minute information about his gig. I always plan my trips carefully, book accommodation and coach tickets etc. in advance and then just stick on the plan. But in September 2018 Matty had had to postpone one of his Manchester gigs and the new date was during the time I was in Leeds. No problem, once again I happened to have a free night, and fortunately there was a good National Coach service between Leeds and Manchester, so I could do a short evening trip to Manchester to see Matty and Bret doing a solo gig.)

Anyway, back to the Aces And Eights gig on Tuesday the 6th of June. The other artists on the bill were Daniel Lucas, Shaun O’Reilly and Dead Drummer. If The Good Mixer was a challenging place, I didn’t expect too much from my pictures at Aces And Eights. It’s a lovely venue, but dark. How could I get any pictures here? The help came from a very surprising direction: from a floor lamp (from now on Mr Floor Lamp) on the stage! If I hadn’t got extra light from that lamp, I wouldn’t have got any pictures! I was positively surprised when I got the negatives. I really love the result. I made also square versions of some shots, one of them is shown here, but it’s only fair that Mr Floor Lamp can be seen in the pictures, too:

9. Matty,Aces and Eights, 6 June 2017

10. Matty, Aces and Eights, 6 June 2017

11. Matty, Aces and Eights, 6 June 2017

12. Matty, Aces and Eights, 6 June 2017

13. Matty, Aces and Eights, 6 June 2017

The last of these June (8th) gigs took place at The Face Bar in Reading. I had one interview to do in Reading before heading to the gig. In fact that was good as the photographer I interviewed knew the place and walked with me there. So I didn’t have to try to find my way there on my own.

The evening was started by Grace Solero. While waiting for Matty James Cassidy entering the stage I was wondering who’s that long haired guy with whom Matty was talking. Before too long I got an answer. He was Bret Barnes, a saxophonist. Here are some shots from that night:

14. Matty,Face Bar, 8 June 2017

15. Matty, Face Bar, 8 June 2017

16. Matty, Face Bar, 8 June 2017

17. Matty, Face Bar, 8 June 2017

18. Matty, Face Bar, 8 June 2017

19. Matty, Face Bar, 8 June 2017

20. Matty, Face Bar, 8 June 2017

21. Matty, Face Bar, 8 June 2017

So this was all from the 2017 gigs. Within a couple of weeks I will publish photos from one spring 2018 gig (a full band show). I have previously published here on my blog pictures from Matty James Cassidy’s full band shows from the November tour 2018 and June 2019.

Photos and text © Katriina Etholén

Katriina and Matty James Cassidy 6.6.2017
Author with Matty James Cassidy after the gig at Aces And Eights. Photo: Ian Barthelemy.

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  1. Thanks for keeping in touch. We are in isolation now. London is shutting down and no aeroplanes! A really clear day. Bob


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