Kevin McHugh and Bob Kerrigan: The Twins’ Little Book of Death (House on Hollow Hill, 2020)

The Twins’ Little Book of Death by Kevin McHugh and Bob Kerrigan is a great little book to read at this time of the year. It’s a perfect Halloween gift, if there is a thing like a Halloween gift, I don’t know, as I am not a Halloween person. But it’s also a perfect gift... Continue Reading →

Jim Naughten: Human Anatomy (Prestel 2017, out of print)

Photographer Jim Naughten's book Human Anatomy is out of print, but you can still find it in some book stores or in a second hand book shops. It is also very easily available online. And because I love it, I want to write a little bit about it. I bought my copy at Waterstones Piccadilly, which... Continue Reading →

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