Some Photos from Merridale Cemetery, Wolverhampton

I visited Merridale Cemetery in Wolverhampton one year ago, on 20 October 2019. I had a city map and thought I am finding the cemetery easily. Well, I found the cemetery, but it was surrounded by a wall. I had to go back and find another route as the street turned out to be a... Continue Reading →

The Grave of Eugen Schauman in the Porvoo Cemetery

In the Porvoo Cemetery (officially Näsinmäki Cemetery) there are two monuments that are outweighing other monuments in the graveyard. They are the ones of Johan Ludvig Runeberg, the national poet of Finland, and Eugen Waldemar Schauman, a man who committed probably the most famous assassination in Finland's history.  Eugen Schauman admired Runeberg, his patriotic poets;... Continue Reading →

Snowy Cemetery in Three Colour Pictures

I take colour photographs very seldom, basically only when colour matters. And thus I feel that when photographing in cemeteries, colour is not necessary.  Today I went through my slides looking for images for one story. And then I found some framed slides. These photos were taken at Christmas 2005 in the Porvoo Cemetery in... Continue Reading →

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