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A Victim of British Justice – Visiting Derek Bentley’s Grave

Derek Bentley was hanged at Wandsworth Prison on 28 January 1953, because of a terrible miscarriage of British justice. He was sentenced to death for a murder that he didn't commit. In November 1999 I paid a visit to his grave at Croydon Cemetery. Derek William Bentley was 19 years old, but his mental age... Continue Reading →

A Couple of Photos from St. Pancras Gardens

Here are only four photos that I have taken on 13 December 2017. It's a former burial ground in London, around the St. Pancras Old Church. Nowadays it's a garden. This is a very ex tempore blog post that I decided to make after hearing that one famous tree in this location fell down in... Continue Reading →

Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham

Key Hill Cemetery in Birmingham was opened on 23 May 1836. I visited this grade II* listed cemetery on 6 September 2018. I show here some photographs that I took on my visit. There are websites with good information about the cemetery and its history. You find the links in the end of this photo... Continue Reading →

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