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Hendrick’s Gin – a Taste of Cucumber

"The cucumber is nature's telescope, with it, we see the universe." This text is written on a small Hendrick's tea cup. And you cannot talk about Hendrick's Gin without cucumbers, and gin lovers think only Hendrick's, when they see/eat cucumbers. The fourteenth of June is World Cucumber Day, a day that is heavily linked with... Continue Reading →

William Hogarth’s Gin Lane

William Hogarth's most famous print, Gin Lane, was published on 14 February 1751. Gin Lane is still known, it's also an inspiration for new works of art. It's also my favourite work from Hogarth. It's sometimes forgotten that it had a pair, Beer Street. But as I am a gin person myself, I concentrate on the more... Continue Reading →

Napue – When a Name Causes Confusion

Napue is the most famous gin from Finland. But a gin called Napue belongs to past before too long. This award-winning gin made by Kyrö Distillery Company faced an unexpected problem: its name. The name didn't cause problems in Finland, but abroad. So they decided to change it. The decision was announced in the autumn.... Continue Reading →

Let The Good Times Be-Gin

This category looks very empty. So I decided to publish this photo that I took in one pub in Leeds this April. Hopefully it's a beginning for something nice even though I had to skip my original idea what to publish here after developing a gin-related-migraine. Not a very good thing.

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