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Richard Trevithick – Father of the Steam Locomotive – Died on 22 April 1833

Richard Trevithick was a tireless inventor and he constantly developed new ideas. He didn’t feel too bad if things went wrong, but moved forward. The list of his patents is long. Money was a secondary matter to him, and thus it’s not a big surprise that he died as a poor man in 1833. In... Continue Reading →

Tolkkinen Pulp Mill, Part 14/Tolkkisten sellutehdas, osa 14

This time I show the best colour shots that I took inside the oldest part of the cookery./Tällä kertää näytän parhaimmat väriotokset, jotka otin keittämön vanhimman osan sisätiloista. The original pulp mill, including the cookery was a wooden structure. It's probably in 1897, when the mill premises were transformed into brick structures. Company's financial situation... Continue Reading →

Eiffel Tower in Photos

I missed Eiffel Tower's anniversary year of 2019 (she was opened on 31 March 1889) that would have been a perfect time to share my Eiffel Tower photos, so I decided to share them now, on the birthday anniversary of its creator, Gustave Eiffel. He was born on 15 December 1832. Of course I could... Continue Reading →

A Trip to Ulkokalla in October 2006

On 11 October 2006 I visited Ulkokalla in a small group of people in order to make some photos there. Ulkokalla lighthouse turned 150 years old on 28 September this year, but its birthday is celebrated also today (29 October) as the Finnish Lighthouse Society releases today a massive book about Bay of Bothnia and... Continue Reading →

S/S Moss Brow, Part One

One year ago, I published “a prologue” for the series of the S/S Moss Brow saga and thought that I would have published several parts of the series by this point, but it didn’t happen. But it’s again the anniversary day, so it’s time to write a bit. In the case you don’t have an... Continue Reading →

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