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British Painter Samuel Scott 1702–1772

A British landscape and marine painter Samuel Scott died on 12 October 1772. I found him only last year, but I started liking his works at once. Here I want to show a couple of his paintings that I like. Most of them he made in London. A British painter Samuel Scott had specialized in... Continue Reading →

Tamar Bridge Was Officially Opened and Reopened on 26 April

The Tamar Bridge is officially 60 years old now. The official opening took place on 26 April 1962, but the bridge had been opened for the public already half a year earlier. I show here the photos that I took on 29 May, 2016. I travelled to Plymouth in the end of May 2016 to... Continue Reading →

Some Bridges Over the Regent’s Canal

I present here some of the bridges that crosses the Regent's Canal in London. I have never had a project like, "let's photograph all the bridges that cross the canal", but I have photographed them on my walks. These shots are taken on a relatively short section of the canal in Camden and Regent's Park... Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Forth Bridge

The Forth Bridge was formally opened by Prince of Wales, Albert Edward (future king Edward VII) 130 years ago, on 4 March 1890. The construction was finished in the end of 1889 and it was tested on 21 January 1890. Seeing this bridge had been in my bucket list and in July 2016 I travelled... Continue Reading →

Brunel’s Windmill Bridge in Photos

Windmill Bridge is located in West London, near Hanwell flight of locks on Grand Junction Canal. It is better known as Three Bridges even though there aren’t three bridges. It’s a clever structure that makes road, canal and railway crossing possible at the same spot. It was opened 160 years ago. The engineer was Isambard... Continue Reading →

Clifton Suspension Bridge In Photos

On 8 December 1864 Clifton Suspension Bridge was officially opened. The bridge links Clifton (Bristol) to Leigh Woods spanning the Avon Gorge and River Avon. I visited the bridge in April 2016. I went there twice, on 21 and 23 April and photographed this Grade I listed structure both on black and white and colour... Continue Reading →

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