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My Short Encounters with the 260 Years Old Bridgewater Canal

The Bridgewater Canal and the Barton Aqueduct that carried it over the River Irwell at Barton-upon-Irwell in the Greater Manchester area, was opened on 17 July 1761. As I have seen only tiny parts of the canal, the part that crosses Manchester Ship Canal and the canal terminus in Manchester, I am just showing some... Continue Reading →

Standedge Canal Tunnel – opened in 1811

The construction of the Standedge Canal Tunnel was completed in the end of March 1811, and the opening ceremony was held on 4 April. Nowadays it’s a tourist destination and you can experience a trip through the five km long tunnel, or alternatively, a shorter trip that I did during my visit in September 2017.... Continue Reading →

Regent’s Canal in My Photos

Regent's Canal in London was officially opened 200 years ago, on the 1st of August 1820. I was first planning to write a real history story about the canal and illustrate the story with some historical photos as well as my own photos. But I had to change my mind. Just like my Regent's Canal... Continue Reading →

Some Bridges Over the Regent’s Canal

I present here some of the bridges that crosses the Regent's Canal in London. I have never had a project like, "let's photograph all the bridges that cross the canal", but I have photographed them on my walks. These shots are taken on a relatively short section of the canal in Camden and Regent's Park... Continue Reading →

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