West Ham United – the Pride of East London

I have supported West Ham United since 1978. As the club is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, I thought it's time to write a bit of me and the club. Today, the 12th of September, they start the new season by playing a home match against Newcastle. (Please note that the photos can be... Continue Reading →

A Photo Story About the S/S Great Britain – a Ship That Returned Home 50 Years Ago

The 19th of July is a special date for the S/S Great Britain. She was launched on that date in 1843 and on that date in 1970 she returned to the dock where she was built, Great Western Dockyard in Bristol. The S/S Great Britain is a museum ship and I have visited there three... Continue Reading →

Chris Killip: The Last Ships

Chris Killip’s photo exhibition The Last Ships is currently on display at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle. The photos were taken between 1975 and 1977. Killip was photographing in the north-east of England at the time when the existence of heavy industry – steelmaking, coal mining, shipbuilding – was on the verge of death.... Continue Reading →

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