Cambridge Museum of Technology – My Visit in Photos

I visited the Cambridge Museum of Technology on 30 October 2019 after a month of re-opening the museum. So my timing was perfect. I spent there for four hours seeing most of the site and photographing and studying the history of the Old Sewage Pumping Station and the industrial history of Cambridge. This post is... Continue Reading →

A Photo Story About the S/S Great Britain – a Ship That Returned Home 50 Years Ago

The 19th of July is a special date for the S/S Great Britain. She was launched on that date in 1843 and on that date in 1970 she returned to the dock where she was built, Great Western Dockyard in Bristol. The S/S Great Britain is a museum ship and I have visited there three... Continue Reading →

Thomas Savery And His Pump

Thomas Savery was an important link in the history of inventing a steam engine. He was working with his device at the same time with Denis Papin and Thomas Newcomen. Savery was a military engineer and inventor. He died on 15 May 1715. So, I missed the actual anniversary date of his death a bit,... Continue Reading →

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