Cambridge Museum of Technology – My Visit in Photos

I visited the Cambridge Museum of Technology on 30 October 2019 after a month of re-opening the museum. So my timing was perfect. I spent there for four hours seeing most of the site and photographing and studying the history of the Old Sewage Pumping Station and the industrial history of Cambridge. This post is... Continue Reading →

Regent’s Canal in My Photos

Regent's Canal in London was officially opened 200 years ago, on the 1st of August 1820. I was first planning to write a real history story about the canal and illustrate the story with some historical photos as well as my own photos. But I had to change my mind. Just like my Regent's Canal... Continue Reading →

Some Bridges Over the Regent’s Canal

I present here some of the bridges that crosses the Regent's Canal in London. I have never had a project like, "let's photograph all the bridges that cross the canal", but I have photographed them on my walks. These shots are taken on a relatively short section of the canal in Camden and Regent's Park... Continue Reading →

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