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Doll and Toy Museum in Porvoo/Porvoon nukke- ja lelumuseo

I don't remember when I visited a local pearl, Doll and toy museum of Porvoo, first time. But I still remember Evi Söderlund, museum's founder, behind the cashier's desk. It's a place, that you can visit dozens of times and still you find something new every time. It's a place that I always show to... Continue Reading →

Mik Critchlow’s exhibition Coal Town at Woodhorn Museum, Ashington, until 24 April 2022

Coal Town is the name of the photographic exhibition by Mik Critchlow that is on display until 24 April at Woodhorn Museum in Ashington, England. Because of certain circumstances I haven’t seen the exhibition, but I have the book by the same name. Unfortunately, the book is sold out, but if you live in England... Continue Reading →

Standedge Canal Tunnel – opened in 1811

The construction of the Standedge Canal Tunnel was completed in the end of March 1811, and the opening ceremony was held on 4 April. Nowadays it’s a tourist destination and you can experience a trip through the five km long tunnel, or alternatively, a shorter trip that I did during my visit in September 2017.... Continue Reading →

Me and Charles Dickens

The world famous novelist, investigative journalist and one of the greatest charitable fundraiser and campaigner for social reforms in Great Britain, Charles Dickens, died of stroke 150 years ago, on 9 June 1870. Somehow I was feeling I cannot ignore the anniversary, even though my relationship with Mr. Dickens is very thin. Well, almost negligible.... Continue Reading →

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