Jim Naughten: Human Anatomy (Prestel 2017, out of print)

Photographer Jim Naughten's book Human Anatomy is out of print, but you can still find it in some book stores or in a second hand book shops. It is also very easily available online. And because I love it, I want to write a little bit about it. I bought my copy at Waterstones Piccadilly, which... Continue Reading →

Scotty, the Shop Cat

Scotty worked in a shop on Tufnell Park Road, London. I photographed him in September 2001. It was 17 September 2001. I was on my way back to my B&B in Tufnell Park and decided to buy something to eat. I went to a little shop nearby and saw there a cat on a kitty... Continue Reading →

Foggy Day in March 1983

I took these quite artistic colour (!) shots at the yard of my childhood home in March 1983. It was extremely foggy day and I just decided to see if I can capture it. I really don't have any real reason to publish these photos now. In fact I had no plan to do them... Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Forth Bridge

The Forth Bridge was formally opened by Prince of Wales, Albert Edward (future king Edward VII) 130 years ago, on 4 March 1890. The construction was finished in the end of 1889 and it was tested on 21 January 1890. Seeing this bridge had been in my bucket list and in July 2016 I travelled... Continue Reading →

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