Caj Bremer: Finnish Everyday Life/Suomalainen arkipäivä

Please note that this review was written in December 2019 and the exhibition is over./Huom! Tämä arvio on kirjoitettu joulukuussa 2019 ja näyttely on päättynyt. If you happen to live in Southern Finland or visit in Helsinki, you still have time to see photographer Caj Bremer’s exhibition Finnish Everyday Life at The Finnish Museum of... Continue Reading →

John Bolloten’s Human Approach To The Marginal World

John Bolloten is a Bradford based documentary photographer whose most noticed work is about the homeless people and drug addicts in his hometown. His newest release, Love Story, is his sixth book. At the moment Love Story together with Nothing To See Here is seen as an exhibition at Hull International Photography Festival. (Please note... Continue Reading →

Chris Killip: The Last Ships

Chris Killip’s photo exhibition The Last Ships is currently on display at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle. The photos were taken between 1975 and 1977. Killip was photographing in the north-east of England at the time when the existence of heavy industry – steelmaking, coal mining, shipbuilding – was on the verge of death.... Continue Reading →

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