Joe Hill – the Songs Keep His Legacy Alive

On 19 November 1915 a Swedish American labour activist, Joe Hill (born in Gävle, Sweden as Joel Emmanuel Hägglund) was executed by a fire squad. He had been put on trial for murder in Salt Lake City in 1914. He had travelled to Utah, as the IWW and the Western Federation of Miners had a... Continue Reading →

Industrialisti and the Industrial Workers of the World

Industrial Workers of the World was founded in Chicago on 27 June 1905. My "birthday present" for the 115 organization is to publish here a writing that is based on my proseminar study at Political Science in Turku University in May 1987. The original title of my study was (a rough translation from Finnish to... Continue Reading →

Peterloo Massacre in Books

On the 16th of August 1819 happened in Manchester something that was soon named Peterloo. Books have been written about it, Mike Leigh made a film and the story is told in exhibitions. These two books, Peterloo. The Story of the Manchester Massacre by Jacqueline Riding and Peterloo. Voices, Sabres and Silence by Graham Phythian... Continue Reading →

Peterloo Massacre, 16 August 1819

Two hundred years ago a peaceful mass meeting in Manchester turned into a massacre. Among the victims there were women and a two years old child. The Peterloo Massacre, a defining moment for Britain’s democracy, is remembered in two exhibitions in Manchester, at People’s History Museum and The John Rylands Library. Please note that this... Continue Reading →

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