Tolkkinen Pulp Mill, Part 5/Tolkkisten sellutehdas, osa 5

It's already October 2020. Maybe it's not too early to publish some winter images. Before I continue publishing stuff from the pulp mill, I want to share in the next couple of parts of the Tolkkinen series my photographs that I took of the sawmill and structures linked with it. Even though the sawmill was... Continue Reading →

Tolkkinen Pulp Mill, Part 4/Tolkkisten sellutehdas, osa 4

One year has passed since my previous part of the Tolkkinen Pulp Mill story. I really am sorry for the long delay that was caused by several reasons. This month I finally started thinking about this project again more seriously. Vuosi on kulunut Tolkkisten sellutehdas -projektin edellisen osan julkaisemisesta. Olen pahoillani viivästymisestä, jonka takana on... Continue Reading →

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