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Three photos of the S/S Great Eastern Launch Ramp

I will come back sometimes later to S/S Great Eastern, as she definitely is worth that. But the 31 January 1858 is mentioned as her launch date, so I decided to show my three photos I managed to take. The remains of the launch ramp can be found in Millwall.  I was taken to see... Continue Reading →

Some Photos of Brunel’s Temple Meads Station in Bristol

The Great Western Terminus in Bristol was opened 180 years ago, on 31 August 1840. The railway as well as the station was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. This is not a deep story of the station, but I just show a couple of shots that I took of it in April 2016 when I... Continue Reading →

Brunel’s Windmill Bridge in Photos

Windmill Bridge is located in West London, near Hanwell flight of locks on Grand Junction Canal. It is better known as Three Bridges even though there aren’t three bridges. It’s a clever structure that makes road, canal and railway crossing possible at the same spot. It was opened 160 years ago. The engineer was Isambard... Continue Reading →

Clifton Suspension Bridge In Photos

On 8 December 1864 Clifton Suspension Bridge was officially opened. The bridge links Clifton (Bristol) to Leigh Woods spanning the Avon Gorge and River Avon. I visited the bridge in April 2016. I went there twice, on 21 and 23 April and photographed this Grade I listed structure both on black and white and colour... Continue Reading →

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