S/S Moss Brow – Prologue

It's an evening on 21 October 2021. A couple of hours ago I came back home after visiting a local cemetery here in my home town, Porvoo. I went there to lit a candle on the grave of six English seaman, who lost their lives when S/S Moss Brow wrecked on 21 October 1896 in... Continue Reading →

Music Archive, Part VI ~ hide with Spread Beaver: Hurry Go Round (Universal Victor, 1998)

Music Archive is a series, where I write about albums or singles that have been released years ago, too long time ago to be enclosed in the “Reviews” category. Music Archive is thus forming its own subcategory under “Reviews”, even though these write-ups are not reviews, maybe not always even presentations.  They are just stories... Continue Reading →

My Anxiety – September 2021

It’s September 2021. I was reading what I had written last time regarding my anxiety. So I was feeling I have to update this a bit. But first, I am doing quite fine. It’s there, but I am able to handle it. I might still be lonely, that might have caused the whole problem several... Continue Reading →

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