Brooklyn Gin Ended Up Into My Christmas Photos

I bought this 700 ml Brooklyn Gin bottle in Helsinki, so if some of my Finnish readers become interested in it, it can be bought easily in Finland, too. The fantastic turquoise glass, Art Deco style bottle and a metallic logo had caught my eye. I had no idea to do this kind of story... Continue Reading →

Yuletide Thoughts for the New Decade

Some out-of-focus Christmas shots, lonely Christmas time and thoughts for the new decade. This blog entry was not planned. I was yesterday scanning the shots that I had taken in my flat, Christmassy pictures. I was expecting to see nice shots of my nice Christmassy flat. I was watching the results on the screen and... Continue Reading →

Brunel’s Windmill Bridge in Photos

Windmill Bridge is located in West London, near Hanwell flight of locks on Grand Junction Canal. It is better known as Three Bridges even though there aren’t three bridges. It’s a clever structure that makes road, canal and railway crossing possible at the same spot. It was opened 160 years ago. The engineer was Isambard... Continue Reading →

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