Remembering Haymarket

The so called Haymarket affair in Chicago began on 3 May 1886 and on the following evening a bomb exploded killing seven policemen, one at once, six later. The anarchists were accused. This photo story, however, does not go that far to history but to the year 1986. First I was going to write a... Continue Reading →

How hideちゃん Stole My Heart

Today is 2 May 2021. Exactly 23 years ago, on 2 May 1998, a young man called Hideto Matsumoto departed from this world. I didn’t even know about his existence until very, very recently, but he has now totally occupied my life. This is a story, how I took him into my heart or to... Continue Reading →

YOSHIKI – XY (Kodansha, 2020)

XY is the second photo book featuring YOSHIKI. It was released in November 2020. The first one was published 28 years earlier. The photos for XY are taken by Los Angeles based photographer Melanie Pullen. With the book comes a 30 minutes long DVD that takes you to see the photo shoot at The Paramour... Continue Reading →

Standedge Canal Tunnel – opened in 1811

The construction of the Standedge Canal Tunnel was completed in the end of March 1811, and the opening ceremony was held on 4 April. Nowadays it’s a tourist destination and you can experience a trip through the five km long tunnel, or alternatively, a shorter trip that I did during my visit in September 2017.... Continue Reading →

Prologue: Det Gamla Borgå

On this day, 3 April 1898 Louis Sparre gave a very special speech here in my home town. That speech was published on that year in a book form titled Det Gamla Borgå (Old Porvoo).  This is not a story, but more or less an advert of forthcoming (hopefully) story about the subject. The reason is... Continue Reading →

Sir Joseph Bazalgette Died 130 Years Ago

Sir Joseph Bazalgette is probably most known for renewing London’s sewer system. But he was much more than that and his other work are in fact more visible than the work beneath the ground. Because the ongoing COVID-19 situation ruined my plans to go to London to study more carefully his other work and take... Continue Reading →

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