Henry Gray, a Man Behind Gray’s Anatomy

  British anatomist and surgeon, Henry Gray, died on 13 June 1861 at the age of 34, three years after Gray’s Anatomy was published. Very little is known about Henry Gray, but his masterpiece is still going strong. Dr Ruth Richardson, who has written a book about making of Gray’s Anatomy, starts her book by... Continue Reading →

George Stephenson – the Father of Railways

George Stephenson was born on 9 June 1781 in Wylam. If you have at least some knowledge about a railway history, you must have heard of him. He was fighting for locomotive engines against fixed engines on railways on his own, when all the contemporary leading engineers as well as public opinion were against him.... Continue Reading →

Camden Rocks Festival 2016

I have wonderful memories from the 2016 Camden Rocks Festival. I attended the festival first time and I was happy to be there with my friend, Dave Renegade, who knows everyone and who knew which bands to go to see. I got some new friends, too. The festival took place on 4 June 2016 and... Continue Reading →

Porvoo Sports Field – 90 Years Old in May 2021

Porvoo Central Sports Field, Porvoon keskusurheilukenttä in Finnish, was officially inaugurated on 24 May 1931. It’s also part of my life as it was the place where we ran and jumped in the physical education classes. Besides telling a bit about its past, I show here some pictures from Finland’s junior championships in 2019.  Porvoo... Continue Reading →

Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham

Key Hill Cemetery in Birmingham was opened on 23 May 1836. I visited this grade II* listed cemetery on 6 September 2018. I show here some photographs that I took on my visit. There are websites with good information about the cemetery and its history. You find the links in the end of this photo... Continue Reading →

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